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Therapeutic Arts

With cuts to NHS funding and extremely long waiting lists , mental health is a extremely contentious topic within modern society. People are suffering due to lack of resources and immediate help.

As an artist myself I cope by creating a painting or drawing even if its not my best work being able to sketch provides a form of escapism and relaxes me as I fall into a quiet meditative state. So pick up that biro and a piece of paper in the mean time and see how beneficial taking that time for yourself , its never a waste when your health and well being is concerned , and you might find a hidden talent!

Art therapy has been a rising alternative for relaxation purposes , Im sure you have seen the rise in availability of adult colouring books , with it proving to be a relaxing break for the mind away from the modern plague of screens and the general bustle of life, sessions provide a social aspect as well for our attendees , which is imperative when feeling isolated or anxious having people who understand is extremely beneficial. Art in itself is meditative allowing for an outlet of creativity and seeing what you personally have been able to create is greatly up-lifting.

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