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Planning For a Degree Show

My practice has evolved taking an introspective look at my trauma and the female body. My work has become a bank of evidence of my rape and abuse, where previously there was none and has allowed me to explore those intangible feelings into a domestic object that is comprehensible. As well as this it has taken the private experience of abuse into the public domain with the use of print and sculpture. To exhibit these works I want to create an environment that focuses on the pieces as pieces of evidence, but I want to acknowledge their fragility, as well as the ephemerality that the art suggests. Hanging the artwork sheets on the washing line notes to the idea of 'airing dirty laundry but also is a delicate position for the sheets to be in as they are hanging in a public space, and only being held on by pegs. Positioning the other printed t-shirts underneath further accentuates this fragility. I want to print underneath the sheets suggesting that the text has dripped off and has stained the floor as well. I want to hang the plaster text pieces high on the ceiling and low, as they are obscured from view but constantly apparent. Moreover, as they are the colour of the wall they seep into the background emanating the idea of traumatic thoughts being perpetual in the back of your mind. For the exhibition, I also want to have a tap with a constant flow of water, alongside my printed soaps. The bucket and tap is a representation of constantly repeated thoughts. Placing the soap alongside the bucket in a pile suggests their imminent use to clean and those quotes will be washed away. The ritual of cleansing after abuse is significant as it rids the body of filth but cannot clean the mind of thoughts.

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