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Ink Experiments

This was my first experimentation with ink. I found ink to be a very different medium to what I have used before. The medium lent itself to single use of colour and the varying tones were created from diluting the ink with water. The piece itself , represents my mind after trauma. The swamp is where I felt trapped by memories and trauma , the swamp is enclosed with barbed wire , that signifies the pain it took to escape the swamp , but once out , although it is a foreign environment/ feeling it is more welcoming and allowed for me to grow.

This ink drawing is of my underwear after I was raped. The ink lent itself to the depth needed with the blood that was apparent. The use of water was also very important as it allowed the ink to bleed out creating the appearance of saturated fabric.

This ink drawing is a representation of myself after I had experienced the sexual violence. The use of red in the drawing is inherently associated with women and I used it to saturate the painting and cover the whole body as I felt wounded. The position of the body is wounded and notes to the time I spent lying on my bed where the rape occurred, the bed was both a comfort but also a reminder of the trauma.

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