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Exhibiting My Figures

To exhibit my Venus figures, I tried several arrangements of exhibition. Placing them directly on the floor felt made them feel vulnerable, as the figures are representational of female trauma, I am unsure as to whether they need to feel more secure and safe since they are representations of a fragile state. I am exploring ideas of exhibition on a plinth just below waist height, so their small form still feels fragile but they are protected within the gallery structure. I am unsure as to whether I want to display them away from my other printed work so the other text based art does not influence the audiences reception of the figures, or whether this information, invokes their meaning more and hence is more powerful.

I have researched methods of exhibition of sculpture work, specifically the artist Antony Gormley, after visiting Gormley's exhibition in the Royal Academy , I have looked at past works by Gormley , and his Turner Prize exhibition of 'Field'. The exhibition of the thousands of sculptures of the human figures infests the floor, and seeps out into the room. This is a method I want to pursue with my Venus figures, although they will not be as numerable as Gormley , the small crowd is strong in numbers, and although fragile the group together stays as a cohesive unit.

Overall after I have finished the process of creating the Venus figures, exhibiting them on the floor may be the more appealing option of exhibition, as the plinth creates a stagnation and limits their movement, and freedom , despite being vulnerable on the floor, they are strong in numbers and free.

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