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Straight White Male - Artichoke Trust / The Gallery
August 2022


Naumovic was one of ten artists ten artists chosen for The Gallery’s first season of public art installations, responding to the theme of Straight White Male. She has over 500 billboards of her work displayed across the UK

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Artist Feature Magazine Publication - ARTISTS RESPONDING TO
July 2022

Naumovic was a featured artist in the ARTISTS RESPONDING TO magazine, displaying several of her artworks and delving into her practice.


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Out of Wounds - Culturally Arts
July 2022

 Naumovic displayed her work in the online exhibition in partnership with the Milostka Center. The exhibition explored gender violence and its correlation with gender inequality.

Love and Chaos

Love & Chaos - The Alchemy Experiment 

One of 40 Artists, Naumovic was a part of the Love & Chaos publication. 

A collection of artworks that explored with the mundanity of love but also the tragic aspects that occur during such relations. 


A Year In The Making, Fine Art Exhibition

Naumovic displayed her work as a part of a group exhibition.

The exhibit featured pieces from her sculptural and print practices and sought to emphasise the opposing fragility and strength contained within the work


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